The complete sports fitout…

We offer a comprehensive service, which includes the design, supply and installation of sporting equipment and surfaces to client specification.


Action Venue Systems specialises in the supply and installation of indoor and outdoor basketball equipment.

Our basketball systems are height adjustable and come with electronic or manually operated functionality to suit both junior and senior players. 

Whether you’re after toughened glass, fibreglass or aluminium backboards, all of our systems are fully customisable and can be colour-coordinated to fit in with your venue.

And when it comes to rings, we supply nothing but the best in FIBA certified extra-heavy-duty or spring-loaded snap back designs.

We are sensitive to our clients’ budgetary requirements and whether it’s an international stadium or a school sports hall we work alongside architects to design a basketball system to meet your specific needs.

We also understand every location is different. That’s why we liaise closely with builders and electricians to ensure everything is in place before our team of professional installers arrive to begin assembling your custom-designed equipment.


Modern and sleek

Suspends from the ceiling

Electric or manual winch to raise or lower the structure

Forward, rearward or side retracting

Optional upgrades on some models


Innovative side swing options for either the main court or half courts running across ways.

Swing to either side - determined during installation

Optional upgrades on some models


Wheels out of storage in folded position

Connects to the floor via lock down devices

Portable systems for International FIBA Level I games

Height adjustable options

Padding available

See the links below for further information about our extensive basketball product range:


Action Venue Systems is a leading supplier of International Federation of Volleyball (FIVB) approved sleeved and freestanding indoor and outdoor volleyball systems.

From schools to major stadiums our range of internationally approved equipment includes nets, posts, and padding as well as optional scoreboards and umpire stands.

Our fully automated electronic systems allow our clients to fold down their volleyball equipment from the ceiling and into position enabling instant play.

See the links below for further information about our extensive volleyball product range.


Action Venue Systems offers an extensive range of world class tennis equipment solutions.

Our sturdy and robust systems include aluminium posts with stainless steel winders, umpire chairs as well as full drop and external winder nets. We also supply wind resistant court screens, draw screen nets and clean sweepers

Whether your court is at home or in an international stadium our comprehensive tennis systems are designed to meet your budget and the needs of your venue.

See the links below for further information about tennis court care and our range of net posts.


Action Venue Systems is a leading supplier of sleeved and freestanding indoor and outdoor badminton post systems.

From schools to regional sports stadium our Badminton World Federation (BWF) approved products include nets, posts, padding and scoreboards.

We also supply and install Powergame, the leading all-weather, player-friendly outdoor sports surface for badminton. Approved by the Badminton World Federation, Powergame requires no maintenance and is backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Click here for further information about our Badminton systems.


From schools to stadiums Action Venue Systems offers a world-class range of internationally approved netball products.

Adjustable and customisable, our netball systems are designed to meet your budget and the needs of your venue.

Offering both sleeved and freestanding indoor and outdoor netball posts, our innovative aluminium systems are suitable for every level of the game. 

We are also a leading supplier of rings, nets, post padding, scoreboards and sports surfaces.

See the links below for further information about our netball post systems.

Rugby & AFL

At Action Venue Systems we supply and install a comprehensive range of equipment to fit out any rugby or AFL ground.

Whether you’re a school, club or international team we are specialists in the installation of goal posts, corner flags, padding and scoreboards.

Our goal posts are available as aluminium or in the new revolutionary fibreglass product range.

Fibreglass posts resist corrosion, never need repainting and, because they are low conductors of electricity, are significantly safer than metal posts.

We provide tapered and non-tapered goal posts across a range of junior and senior sizes as well as standard uprights for Rugby Union (5.6m) and Rugby League (5.5m).

Post can be installed with bolt down or hinged bases for ease of installation on multi-sports fields.

All our posts are built and designed to international standards, are light weight, safe, and easy to install and maintain.

See the links below for further information about our rugby post systems.


Action Venue Systems is a leading supplier of world-class equipment for both indoor and outdoor football (soccer).

Whether you’re a school, club or stadium our extensive product range includes goals, nets, player shelters, flags and banner poles.
Our equipment is suitable for juniors, seniors and right up to FIFA international standard.

At Action Venue Systems we promote the use of easy to install aluminium football goals. Designed to global standards, these light weight goals are easy to maintain and highly resistant to corrosion.

See our fact sheets for further information about Aluminium football goals and shelters.


At Action Venue System we supply and install world class competition standard hockey equipment.

Ideal for both grass and artificial surfaces our extensive range includes goals, corners flags and player shelters.

Our aluminium goals are specifically created for hockey and meet the preferred global standard of the International Hockey Federation (FIH).

See the links below for further information about our hockey goals and player shelters.

Action Venue Systems are proud suppliers of Action Floor Systems, Reflex Sports and Herculan